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What Style Do I Need?

(This one can get complicated.)

The shorter and flatter bottomed hulls are easier to manoeuvre and are better suited to a fisherman or family with small kids where stability is of prime concern, but they are slower.

A tripper or a canoeist looking for a general purpose canoe would likely select a compromise style to try and get the best of both worlds - medium length, shallow arched hull with a moderate rockered bottom, tumblehome and good capacity.

If you wish to pursue canoe hull design characteristics further, we recommend you obtain a good book on the subject. Here are some that are helpful:
Path of the Paddle, by Bill Mason (Van Nostrand Reinhold Ltd publisher)
Canoeist's Manual by Glenn A. Fallis (Available from Voyageur Canoe Company Ltd)

If at all possible, try before you buy. Test paddle the canoe of your choice.
We believe that a canoe is a very personal craft and that, if the right one is chosen, a good canoe is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.