The Voyageur Canoe Company Limited

In 1969, the Voyageur Canoe company of Millbrook, Ontario, Canada, was formed from a passionate love of canoeing and a need for a lighter canoe.

We felt that the century-old technique used in wooden canoes of cross-rib hull reinforcing, could be applied to modern materials. We pioneered this idea and found that it was possible to construct stronger and lighter hulls using the new synthetic materials. Although, many of our hull shapes have been taken from traditional wooden canoes, we are recognized as leaders for our laminate designs which result in one of the most durable and impact-resistant canoe hull constructions available.

If you are going to be in the area, please arrange a time to visit our factory where you can see how Voyageur canoes are made and perhaps take a test paddle on the Millbrook Mill Pond located behind us..

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